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Credits and Thank You's

This CD is dedicated to our mother and father who taught us 
that there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm and whose love 
and encouragement will forever live in the deepest part of our soul.


Executive Producers - Michael and Richard Berardi

Produced, Arranged, Engineered, and Mixed by Denny Martin

Lead Vocals and additional arrangement ideas - Ronnie Kimball

Piano and Synthesizers - Gene Rabbai

Bass - Pat Lassiter and Wayne Nelson

Drums and Percussion - Peter Young

Guitar - Bob Hatter

Steel & Slide Guitar and Dobro - Tony Paoletta

Saxophone - Bryan Cumming

Background Vocals - Kelly Nolf, Marty Slayton

Ronnie Kimball, Denny Martin

Duet Vocal on In You (I found me) Kelly Nolf

Violin & Guitar - Jason Roller

Pennywhistle - John Mock

Photography - John Albani

Digital Mastering - John Albani

Recorded at Denny Martin Studios - Nashville, TN

Heartfelt Thanks

To God for all his wonderful blessings, Cheryl for your love, trust and faith, Ellen for her love and belief, Dawson for sharing our vision, Meg, Denny for your heart and soul and for always "Reaching Higher",  the musicians for your awesome talents, Lanny & Sam for your belief and support,  Janic Williams - love ya Mom, Connie Lisec, Julie for the great food, Bi Bi, Nan, Amy and John, Mc Kay and Scott, Beth and Mark, Rich and Nicole, Jay, Omeda and Norb, Jillian, John, Thomas, Ryche, Kev, Pop Howes, Nora, "Kids First" and the Staff.

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