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We invite you to listen to song samples of Reach Higher 
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The Reach Higher Digipak 
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The sound quality you will hear in these samples is not representative
 of the sound quality that you will hear on the actual Reach Higher CD. All the
 songs were recorded in a state of the art digital recording studio.
 Consequently, the actual sound quality on the CD is crystal clear and 
comparable to the highest quality music CDs on the market.

Songs 1 - 5
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  Don't spend the rest of your life 
standing on the shore.........

When you've knocked on all the doors, and
 you can't get through, when you think you've done the best that you can do....

This song is dedicated to the millions of 
women who are living in abusive relationships. Breaking free is so hard to do.....

Locked up deep inside you there's a 
treasure you can't see, and you're the
 only one who holds the key....

You've got one life, you've got one chance,
take the risk and bet the ranch......

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